Tech Specs

EMIRate has been tested with following browsers (using Microsoft Silverlight)

  • Internet Explorer (Version 8 to 11)
  • Firefox (up to version 51.0.1. or the 'extended support release' version 52 available here.) Later versions (52 and later) do not support plug-ins like Silverlight anymore.
  • Safari (recent versions)

and can be used on OSs by Microsoft and Apple.

As an alternative to the Silverlight version, an HTML5 version of EMIRate is available since December 2016. This version can be used with one of the following browsers: Microsoft Edge (Chromium), Firefox, Chrome.

Download Microsoft Silverlight.

Some of the systems our clients use as data source for EMIRate: 360T, ATAQ, Bellin (tm5), CRM, OpenLink, Reval, S10, Salmon Treasurer, SAP, SunGard / FIS (AG Quantum, AG Integrity, Globe$), TIPCO (TIP), TWIN, WSS (Wallstreet Suite, IT2).

EMIRate and Microsoft Azure:

Data security (pdf)

Microsoft Azure Trust Center

Windows Azure Data Processing Agreement