FinfraG - No reporting for trades between NFCs

According to today's decision by the Swiss National Council, derivative trades between non-financial counterparties will not have to be reported under FinfraG. 

The regulation is now subject to the final approval by the Swiss Council of States.

New EMIRate client Oldendorff Carriers

We are glad to welcome Oldendorff Carriers as new EMIRate client.

New EMIRate client Jönköpings Kommun

We are glad to welcome Jönköpings Kommun as new EMIRate client.

New partner Treasury Services

We welcome Treasury Services as new EMIRate cooperation partner for Benelux.

Level 1 validations in force

EMIR / EMIRate: Level validations came into force today. All trades of all clients have been reported correctly. Great job of all involved.

Level 1 validations in force on December 1

Level 1 validations will come into force on December 1. EMIRate clients just press the recline button - EMIRate is ready.

Clients seem to like EMIRate

Our clients like EMIRate. Ok, 100% would be even better. We will walk the extra mile for the last 8% to 11%. Survey results.

ESMA publishes consultation paper on EMIR reporting

More fun to come in 2015, ESMA has published a consultation paper and accepts comments received by February 13, 2015, at the latest.

ESMA Level 1 validation rules implemented in EMIRate

We have already implemented and tested ESMA's Level 1 validation rules...

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SFS / Denmark, Finland & Norway

Scandinavian Financial Solutions, our successful Swedish partner, is now also responsible for Denmark, Finland and Norway.