December 2013

Clearing Threshold Calculations

Based on ESMA’s Q&A document, the following rules apply for calculating the clearing threshold within a group of counterparties:

  • NFC (EU) with NFC (EU) of same group: double counting of trades.
  • NFC (EU) of the group with external counterparty: single counting of trades.
  • ...

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ESMA publishes updated Q&A document

Shortly before year end, ESMA published an updated version of their Q&A document with focus on reporting obligations of ETD's, exchange traded contracts. Amongst others, ESMA describes in detail the reporting obligations for parties involved in the execution chain of ETD's, i.e. from the client to the central clearing counterparty (CCP) and the roles of other parties involved in between, i.e. the bank and the clearing member.
ESMA's Q&A document as of December 20, 2013.