June 2015

FinfraG / No reporting of trades between NFC-s

Game, set and match: Swiss National Council.

After intensive discussions during the past few days it had been finally decided that trades between NFC-s will not fall under the reporting obligation.

The only residual reporting obligation for Swiss corporates will concern trades concluded with Non-Swiss banks that will very likely not report under FinfraG.

EMIRate clients can be sure that we will offer a possibility to report the a.m. trades to a trade repository.

FinfraG / NFC Trades / Tie-Break?

It currently looks like we will see a tie-break decision. The Swiss Council of States does not plan to change the reporting obligation for NFC trades.

FinfraG & NFCs - Swiss ping pong?

After yesterday's decision of the Swiss National Council to - again - exclude trades between NFCs from the reporting obligation, the Swiss Council of States will discuss the matter again today. This will be interesting because summer is getting closer  and a final decision should be taken soon and definitely before summer.

FinfraG - Trades between NFCs will have to be reported

According to today's decision by the Swiss Council of States, trades between NFCs (e.g. group-internal trades) will fall under the reporting obligation.

Press release (German only).