Trade Repositories

REGIS-TR is a leading European Trade Repository offering reporting services under EMIR and FMIA regulation and will expand his services to SFTR reporting, once the reporting obligation comes into force.

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Cooperation Partners

CRM Treasury Systems AB provides cost-effective solutions for corporate treasury administration.  With a fully cloud based corporate treasury system we support instruments in markets for Foreign Exchange, Interest rate risk, Commodities, Equities, Energy, Guarantees and mortgages.

CRM Offers: 

  • Web based treasury software for control, analysis and administration of treasury processes
  • Implementation consulting, training and system maintenance
  • Outsourced Treasury administration services

With years of experience of corporate treasury and financial software, we focus on treasury know-how, cost efficiency for our customers and a superior level of service. 

CRM Treasury Systems is Making Treasury Easy

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Derivatives Value Advisors Limited ('DVAL') is an independent derivatives & structured investment products firm offering advice and execution services to its select corporate, investor and institutional clients.

The products and solutions covered include foreign exchange, interest rate, commodity, inflation, credit derivatives and structured products both on the hedging and investment needs of the clients.

DVAL is fully independent, and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), UK.

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Since its foundation in 1985, Salmon Software has focused on delivering world-class Treasury Management System software. They have achieved great success and coverage with their flagship Salmon Treasurer TMS

Salmon Treasurer provides extended treasury management functionality to manage unlimited accounts, facilities, books, funds, dealers and companies. By facilitating the automation of the majority of treasury management processes coupled with its duel on screen and detailed corporate reporting, as well as other output capability, Salmon Treasurer, is a cutting edge solution for the modern day Treasury function. It is available as an on premise or cloud application.

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Treasury Services structurally improves the bottom line of its clients by cutting their costs and by improving their efficiency in finance. We create a competitive advantage for our clients by implementing Financial Excellence.

Treasury Services offers Treasury Consultancy, Treasury Management Software, Treasury Training & Education and Financial Engineering Solutions. With these building blocks we can create complete solutions in Treasury Management, Cash Management, Risk Management, Corporate Finance and Treasury Control.

Our Bank Independent Cash Pooling solution serves as an example of the innovative solutions that Treasury Services creates. Our Bank Independent Cash Pooling is a revolutionary solution to set up cash pooling across bank accounts that are maintained with different banks and in different countries. This cash pooling is steered through our software TreasuryMetrics. Next to cost savings, it also creates significant additional advantages.